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The book is aimed at novice programmers who wish to learn programming with c# and the .net framework. the book starts with absolute programming basics such as variables, flow control and object oriented programming. it then moves into web and windows programming and data access (databases and xml). beginning microsoft visual c# 2015 continues to focus on the tool beginners use most to program c#, the visual c# 2015 development environment in visual studio 2015. introduction part i: the oop language chapter 1: introducing c# what is the .net framework? what's in the .net framework? writing applications using the .net framework what is c#? applications you can write with c# c# in this book visual studio 2015 visual studio express 2015 products solutions chapter 2: writing a c# program the visual studio 2015 development environment console applications the solution explorer the properties window the error list window desktop applications chapter 3: variables and expressions basic c# syntax basic c# console application structure variables simple types variable naming literal values expressions mathematical operators assignment operators operator precedence namespaces chapter 4: flow control boolean logic boolean bitwise and assignment operators operator precedence updated branching the ternary operator the if statement the switch statement looping do loops while loops for loops interrupting loops infinite loops chapter 5: more about variables type conversion implicit conversions explicit conversions explicit conversions using the convert commands complex variable types enumerations structs arrays string manipulation chapter 6: functions defining and using functions return values parameters variable scope variable scope in other structures parameters and return values versus global data the main() function struct functions overloading functions using delegates chapter 7: debugging and error handling debugging in visual studio debugging in nonbreak (normal) mode debugging in break mode error handling try...catch...finally listing and configuring exceptions chapter 8: introduction to object-oriented programming what is object-oriented programming? what is an object? everything's an object the life cycle of an object static and instance class members oop techniques interfaces inheritance polymorphism relationships between objects operator overloading events reference types versus value types oop in desktop applications chapter 9: defining classes class definitions in c# interface definitions system.object constructors and destructors constructor execution sequence oop tools in visual studio the class view window the object browser adding classes class diagrams class library projects interfaces versus abstract classes struct types shallow copying versus deep copying chapter 10: defining class members member definitions defining fields defining methods defining properties refactoring members automatic properties additional class member topics hiding base class methods calling overridden or hidden base class methods using nested type definitions interface implementation implementing interfaces in classes partial class definitions partial method definitions example application planning the application writing the class library a client application for the class library the call hierarchy window chapter 11: collections, comparisons and conversions collections using collections defining collections indexers adding a cards collection to cardlib keyed collections and idictionary iterators iterators and collections deep copying adding deep copying to cardlib comparisons type comparisons value comparisons conversions overloading conversion operators the as operator chapter 12: generics what are generics? using generics nullable types the system.collections.generic namespace defining generic types defining generic classes defining generic interfaces defining generic methods defining generic delegates variance covariance contravariance chapter 13: additional c# techniques the : : operator and the global namespace qualifier custom exceptions adding custom exceptions to cardlib events what is an event? handling events defining events expanding and using cardlib attributes reading attributes creating attributes initializers object initializers collection initializers type inference anonymous types dynamic lookup the dynamic type advanced method parameters optional parameters named parameters lambda expressions anonymous methods recap lambda expressions for anonymous methods lambda expression parameters lambda expression statement bodies lambda expressions as delegates and expression trees lambda expressions and collections part ii: windows programming chapter 14: basic desktop programming xaml separation of concerns xaml in action the playground wpf controls properties events control layout stack order alignment, margins, padding and dimensions border canvas dockpanel stackpanel wrappanel grid the game client the about window the options window data binding starting a game with the listbox control chapter 15: advanced desktop programming the main window the menu control routed commands with menus creating and styling controls styles templates value converters triggers animations wpf user controls implementing dependency properties putting it all together refactoring the domain model the view models completing the game part iii: cloud programming chapter 16: basic cloud programming the cloud, cloud computing and the cloud optimized stack cloud patterns and best practices using microsoft azure c# libraries to create a storage container creating an 4.6 web site that uses the storage container chapter 17: advanced cloud programing and deployment creating an web api deploying and consuming an web api on microsoft azure scaling an web api on microsoft azure part iv: data access chapter 18: files file classes for input and output the file and directory classes the fileinfo class the directoryinfo class path names and relative paths streams classes for using streams the filestream object the streamwriter object the streamreader object asynchronous file access reading and writing compressed files monitoring the file system chapter 19: xml and json xml basics json basics xml schemas xml document object model the xmldocument class the xmlelement class changing the values of nodes converting xml to json searching xml with xpath chapter 20: linq linq to xml linq to xml functional constructors working with xml fragments linq providers linq query syntax declaring a variable for results using the var keyword specifying the data source: from clause specify condition: where clause selecting items: select clause finishing up: using the foreach loop deferred query execution linq method syntax linq extension methods query syntax versus method syntax lambda expressions ordering query results understanding the order by clause querying a large data set using aggregate operators using the select distinct query ordering by multiple levels using group queries using joins chapter 21: databases using databases installing sql server express entity framework a code first database but where is my database? navigating database relationships handling migrations creating and querying xml from an existing database part v: additional techniques chapter 22: windows communication foundation what is wcf? wcf concepts wcf communication protocols addresses, endpoints and bindings contracts message patterns behaviors hosting wcf programming the wcf test client defining wcf service contracts self-hosted wcf services chapter 23: universal apps getting started universal apps app concepts and design screen orientation menus and toolbars tiles and badges app lifetime lock screen apps app development adaptive displays sandboxed apps navigation between pages the commandbar control managing state common elements of windows store apps the windows store packaging an app creating the package appendix: exercise solutions index related titles professional test driven development with c#: developing real world applications with tdd professional test driven development with c#: developing real world applications with tdd interaction design: beyond human computer interaction, 3ed interaction design: beyond human computer interaction, 3ed java programming for android developers for dummies java programming for android developers for dummies java server programming java ee 7 (j2ee 1.7), black book java server programming java ee 7 (j2ee 1.7), black book professional application lifecycle management with visual studio 2013 professional application lifecycle management with visual studio 2013 ios 7 programming pushing the limits ios 7 programming pushing the limits

Author : Benjamin perkins, jacob vibe hammer, jon d. reid
Publication : Wrox
Isbn : 9788126559695
Store book number : 107
NRS 1280.00
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